Alted Materials

I founded Alted in 2023 with the mission of transforming innovative and climate positive materials into low-impact architectural products. Our first collection, Alted H01, is a series of decorative panels using HONEXT® as base material, a carbon-negative board made of waste from the paper industry.

Alted’s goal is to accelerate the introduction of new materials into the construction market, by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products with a clear approach: balancing aesthetics and functionality with the circular economy principles.

As an industrial designer and strategist, I am in charge of the product design and development as well as of the overall product and brand strategies.

Imagery: Alga Studio and Albert Julià Sala.

HONEXT® Sample Kit

HONEXT®️ is an innovative Barcelona-based company that upcycles waste fibres into fully recyclable, non-toxic panels using a carbon-neutral and circular biotech process.

In 2020, HONEXT®️ launched its first product, the HONEXT®️ Panel. As part of my role as Brand Manager, I created all the marketing assets to explain both the brand and the product to its audience: Visionary Architects and Interior Designers. This sample kit is designed with HONEXT®️‘s brand principles in mind, acting as a sales trigger.

Developed for HONEXT®. Designed by Edu Piracés. Images by Ángel Valiente.

The first +Halle’s Annual Briefing, Dwelling, centers on the deficit of moments to oneself in public spaces, and the human experience of seeking those moments out in the most public of places.

The first of these collections is Levels, by Form Us With Love, a bench system combining three heights and three lengths to create subtle divisions between people.

By sitting at different heights, different directions, and distances from one another, Levels can break the monotony of a space.

By Form Us With Love for +Halle.

Out of Sight

“Glass ceiling” is a term used to describe the invisible barrier that keeps a given demographic from rising beyond a certain level within a hierarchy. The “Out of Sight” project reflects on gender inequality within the professional world, where women not only have lower salaries than their male counterparts, but also have fewer opportunities to progress in their careers. These three interactive objects invite the participants to manipulate them in a certain way, revealing invisible dysfunctionalities - a physical reinterpretation of the glass ceiling concept.

Sisters was a contemporary art and design exhibition that showcased and celebrated female perspectives, held on the 8th of Marth 2019. Together with Alejandra Perini, the project Out of Sight was created exclusively for the show. Curated by Sanna Völker for Ox Poblenou.

Atal Collection

Atal is a sequential oak wood shell chair series made for different types of comfort, designed by Form Us With Love in collaboration with Basque wood crafting expert, Alki. 

Atal is a five-chair collection starting from an A shaped shell and building onwards, one step at a time, adding wooden layers of increased comfort. Designed to follow the characteristics of contemporary chair typologies, the add-on strategy for each chair is material-driven; celebrating tactility and building on Alki’s artisanal and industrial expertise.

By Form Us With Love for Alki