Alted Materials

I founded Alted in 2023 with the mission of transforming innovative and climate positive materials into low-impact architectural products. Our first collection, Alted H01, is a series of decorative panels using HONEXT® as base material, a carbon-negative board made of waste from the paper industry.

Alted’s goal is to accelerate the introduction of new materials into the construction market, by transforming them into ready-to-install architectural products with a clear approach: balancing aesthetics and functionality with the circular economy principles.

As an industrial designer and strategist, I am in charge of the product design and development as well as of the overall product and brand strategies.

Imagery: Alga Studio and Albert Julià Sala.

HONEXT® Imagery

HONEXT®️ is an innovative Barcelona-based company that upcycles waste fibres into fully recyclable, non-toxic panels using a carbon-neutral and circular biotech process.

In 2020, HONEXT®️ was ready to launch its first product, the HONEXT®️ Panel. My job as Brand Manager was to launch and activate the brand within a certain segment of a broad audience: Visionary Architects and Interior Designers. These images show how HONEXT®️ Panels can be used to build healthy environments.

Developed for HONEXT®. Computer Generated Images by Alga Studio.

Oiko Imagery

OiKo is a design office and materials consultancy firm focused on the transition towards circular economy. They design both from the knowledge of the matter and the user’s perception. They understand sustainability in design, as the study of the the environmental impact of both materials and energy, but also as a coherent response to the industrial, economical and brand needs.

OiKo required a way of communicating their extensive knowledge on matter, since material research is the base of their work.

Developed for Oiko Design Office.

Oiko Activation

OiKo is a design office and materials consultancy firm focused on the transition towards circular economy. 

Combining scientific rigor and creativity on the decision-making, they work on design and industrialization projects, new circular materials development, environmental consultancy and strategy.

#oikoexplains is an initiative designed for Oiko’s owned channels, that communicates both their scientific background and educational side.

Developed for Oiko Design Office.

Annual Briefing

Typically, a furniture manufacturer approaches a designer without a clearly defined brief; the request is simply to create something that will sell the following season. On the contrary, +Halle is a brand that represents a new, brave, generation of manufacturers that lead with a somewhat different method, setting a new brief every year.

During the Annual Briefing, a group of architects and designers are invited to interpret a behavioural challenge together, fostering creative height and criticality that enable every piece of furniture to be made with clarity of purpose.

By Form Us With Love for +Halle.