Annual Briefing

Typically, a furniture manufacturer approaches a designer without a brief; the request is simply to create something that will sell the following season. 

On the contrary, +Halle is a brand that represents a new, brave, generation of manufacturers that lead with a somewhat different method, setting a new brief every year. During the Annual Briefing, a group of architects and designers are invited to interpret a behavioural challenge together, fostering creative height and criticality that enable every piece of furniture to be made with clarity of purpose.

By Form Us With Love for +Halle.


An entrepreneurial brand, Tilemark enables a seamless transition from a digital print to a physical product—carving any free vector, pattern or typography onto the durable and hygienic surface of the ceramic tile.

Tilemark blends traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, offering a powerful possibility for professionals who wish to display their love of art, design and visual communication alongside their love for easy maintenance and quality surfaces.

By Form Us With Love for Tilemark.